Inverted Splitter

Inverted Firewood Splitter

The inverted splitter is designed to split large logs up to 32” in length and up to 36+” in diameter. The valve body includes a regeneration valve, so it retracts very quickly, to speed up the splitting process. This piece of equipment complements the Grapple Saw.


  • Designed to split large logs that are too large to run through the Firewood Processors
  • Complements the Grapple Saw, as it can split the large logs that the Grapple can cut.
  • Comes standard with a Stationary 4-Way Splitting Head
  • One-man operation, with simple controls
  • Operate the machine from the safety and comfort of the cab on your Skid Steer, Mini Excavator & even Tractor
  • Mobile – take it to the wood, instead of having to bring the wood to the splitter!
  • Easy to set up and easy to store.  Quick attach/ detach.
  • Process wood right into your truck or trailer