Thank you for visiting our web site. We, alongside Halversen Wood Products, are a small family run business that strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.

I purchased my processor from Halverson, I did my homework and it definitely paid off. I'm now able to offer you, the canadian consumer,  a product that is backed my the proud owners and producers of Halverson Wood Products as well as myself.  I can offer you the best product out there and provide you with fair shipping options that get you up and running quickly and easily.

At our home we heat with a outdoor wood boiler.  Before we purchased our first processor, my family and I would spend countless hours cutting and splitting firewood.  At first it was fun, but as time went on cutting wood became a daunting, and dangerous task.  Now that I have a processor I can't wait to go cut wood. Typically, I have a coffee in hand, heat on, and the music playing all while in the safe comfort of my skid steer.  If you are looking to make your investment work harder it's never hard to find someone looking to have their firewood processed for them.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to call, email or text.
Lee and Sarah Riley
Phone: 807 631 3612

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Now Offering Cinderella Incinerating Toilets

Cinderella Incineration Toilets are ideal for cottages,  caravans and motorhomes and Tiny Homes. No water supply or sewage connection required. A high quality product made in Norway. High quality, high capacity – not to mention its sustainable, environmentally friendly design and performance with no polluting emissions. Cinderella Toilets makes it convenient and hygienic to get rid of toilet waste.

Please contact us for more information: Phone: 807 631 3612 or Email: